Friday, September 2, 2011

Disney Flashback Friday - 3 Kids in a Double Stroller!

It was January of 2003.  It was our first time to Disneyland with all FIVE kids.  I wish I had all kinds of pictures of Joey on his first visit to Disneyland getting his "My First Visit" pin, etc, etc.  Instead, I have pictures of our 3 youngest in ONE stroller.  I have so many pictures from this visit that I could post, but I just think it's funny that we stuck 3 kids in one stroller.

Here are Haley, Joey & Jenny on Main Street.  Looks like a parade is about to begin in the background.

This was the visit that Taylor road California Screamin' for the FIRST time!

This was also the year that I took the 4 youngest to Disneyland and Mike took our oldest, Zac, to Knott's Berry Farm for his 11th birthday.  (They could get in free if they brought a can of food!!!)

Taylor decided she wanted to ride California Screamin' over and over.  And over and over.  And over and over.  (She had to catch up to her brother who had already ridden it about 15 times.)

While Mike and Zac were gone, I "wore" Joey and pushed Haley and Jenny around in the stroller...and we waited for Taylor.

The girls got sleepy, but this is how we roll.  No going to the hotel in the middle of the day for a nap!  You nap in the stroller, (or on a bench or the ground while waiting for a parade), but we do not go back to the hotel!  :)

Here are 2 of them asleep in the Lego Store after a long day.  Notice the pacifier in Jenny's mouth?  That is her brother's and it is connected to his shirt!  She has hers in her hand!  She really loved those things.  We were trying to get her to stop, but she would just take Joey's.  We figured since we were on vacation, we'd better bring her one too, but she still took her brother's!

Here's one last picture of all 5 kids.  I don't know why Zac and Taylor look so "excited". 
That was a great stroller.  It was heavy, but I was eventually able to push it with one hand!

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  1. You brought 5 children - 3 of whom were in a stroller - to Disney?! Let me bow at your feet! I would not, could not do that. That is the undertaking of a real pro!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; it led me to yours. I'm following now.

  2. I love your post. It's just so darn cute with the little ones sleeping in the stroller.

  3. You are amazing! Just navigating the stroller around looks like it would be a challenge.

  4. I love it!! What I really love about this post are the details you pointed out like the pacifier thief. Hehehe. That is just too funny. I totally agree with you... no napping at the hotel. I'm a believer of go go go even if (well for me it's just 1) the kids are asleep in the stroller. Gotta make the most of your trip, and there is still plenty to see and do with a sleeping toddler or three in a stroller. I do think that's pretty cute with the youngest in the middle. I just love your flashbacks! :)

  5. Too funny! I love the fact that Taylor had to catch up with her brother on California Screamin'! The "binky" snatcher is hilarious, too! What is the saying about two in the hand? We take more breaks now that the kids are older and not in strollers than we ever did when they were in strollers! Pop the back down and sleep away with the blanket over the top to protect them from the sun. I had one of those double strollers, too, and I loved how maneuverable it was.