Thursday, July 28, 2011

O is for Old Town Sacramento

I'm writing this post early and hoping this is where we'll be when Alphabe Thursday's letter O comes around.  We'll be spending the night nearby and we're all hoping we'll have time to visit.

We've stopped by several times on drives from Tucson, AZ, to Oregon and Washington and we always have lots of fun.

Haley and Jenny in the candy shop.  2004

The kids were with grandparents in Oregon and Washington and Mike and I got to spend the night here, at the Delta King.

We had dinner at this great Mexican restaurant.

And I slipped and fell in the shower of this old bathroom.  OUCH!

Here we are in the candy shop again.  2005.

And here we are OUT of the candy shop.

And these pictures are just cute!  (The bottled Dr Pepper I can buy there is YUMMY too!)

Be sure to go check out Jenny's blog for more Alphabe-Thursday and the letter O.


  1. Oh, love this "O"!

  2. Looks like a good time. Hope you are okay from your fall...


  3. JDaniel would love to explore the candy shop. It looks like they did too.

  4. Don't you just love those old fashion candy stores? What fun! I hope the Owie in the old bathroom wasn't too off-setting (gee, I couldn't think of anything better).

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    Happy blog hopping,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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  5. the DeltaKing looks fantastic - I love to go on river cruises! Hope you're ok from the fall in the bathroom - cute room, bad memory... {:-Deb

  6. It's so neat to see these pictures of the kids now! It just made me smile! I can't believe how much they've changed Monica!

    You have such a outrageously adorable children!

    Thanks for linking!

    I'm glad your trip is going so well.


  7. I think I've only been to Sacramento once, and that was long ago. Looks like you found some great places to visit.