Thursday, May 19, 2011

E is for El Paso Zoo & Elementary School Students

Mike and I volunteered to be chaperones for Jenny's 5th grade class trip to the El Paso Zoo yesterday. Kids sure are crazy and loud, aren't they? The zoo was a good place for them!

We felt pretty rushed going through the zoo, but it wasn't that big of a place, so we don't feel like we missed much. Since we drove down ourselves, we got to keep Jenny at the end of the morning. The three of us left and headed out to find an outlet mall we'd heard about and had fun shopping. After a couple/few hours of shopping we thought we should eat Cracker Barrel! YUM! I love the store as much as I love the food.

Go see more about the letter E at Jenny's Alphabe Thursday.


  1. Great ‘E’ post! Great images too!



  2. Isn't cracker barrel fun? I'm glad you had a fun day, the pictures are great!

  3. Loved the photos!
    I need to visit that zoo someday :) .

  4. Great shots from the zoo! I love the CB store too.

  5. great pics! Those Cracker Barrels are crazy - all the same approach - you know when you're there! Looks like a fun day! {:-Deb

  6. This looks like a great zoo! In your photos it looks clean and well kept. It looks like your daughter had a fun time.

  7. Cracker Barrel looks the same everywhere, but I like it too. What a clever concept...a gift shop to shop in while you wait for a table.

    It looked like a pretty good sized zoo to me. We went to the Houston Zoo on Monday. It had been pretty decent weather and we wanted to beat the heat and humidity. Lots of school kids!

  8. What a fun day! You got some great pics of the animals.

    Dining at Cracker Barrel is more of an event than just dinner. I love shopping in their general store, too.

  9. She is beautiful. I love going to Cracker Barrel. I agree with La. It does feel more like an event!

    Such special times with such a lovely family.

    Hugs and A+