Monday, February 28, 2011


So, we went to this huge yard sale on Saturday and go so much stuff!

This old washboard I'll repaint and put in our laundry room. It was $1...or maybe it was $3? I can't remember.

I got this burlap pinto bean bag for free. I just thought it was kinda funny. I think I'll make it into a tote bag.

I got two of these frames that hold three 4x6 pictures for $5 each. I already have a plan for them.

Got this bag for free also. Gave it to Taylor.

These dishes were made in Germany and were $1 each.

Thought Taylor might like this fun clock in her room. We plan to paint it black - It was just 25 cents!!!

Mike got this Fox Racing backpack for just $3!!

We got several other little things and came away from this sale having spent only $31!

We went to another sale and got this old desk for $10. I had thought about painting it, but I kind of like it the way it is...for now! I'm going to use it as an end table between my two ugly chairs.

Got this little wall shelf from the same sale for $5. The little drawer doesn't really open, but it has a space in the back if you wanted to hide something. I don't know, like wads of cash or something?!

After hitting the sales we went to Lowe's for a few things and I found these baskets on clearance for $1.74!! I bought all four and we'll use them in my girls' closet.


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