Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To CRAFT or Clean?!

Like I would choose cleaning over crafting! WHO would? I'm going to craft...Cleaning can wait! My aunt gave me this great little table that my grandpa had had in his place before he passed away. I'm going to clean it up, then paint it.

Here it is before I started. It was a pretty blue, but since I have no blue in my living room and that's where it's going to stay, I decided to change it up.

Here it is after a good clean and a little sanding. I started out with the electric sander, but quit after a chunk of it flew out! I could've lost an eye! Guess that's why they make safety goggles, eh? I just decided to turn it off and unplug it, then go with sanding by hand. Ouch...my arm is sore.

First coat (or two) of paint - Black.

You'll have to wait to see the rest. I am on day two of the re-do, but I'm waiting for paint to dry. And what else to do while waiting for paint to dry?! CLEAN! But this is fun (kind of) cleaning. I'm finally organizing my craft space! I can't wait to finish so I can play!

**I just hope this little table turns out the way I'm picturing it in my head. Otherwise I'll be embarrassed for showing it to you!


  1. LOVE it so far! And crafting ALWAYS wins out with me!!

  2. Oh yeah...crafting wins out every time! I'll spend 4-5 hours crafting but 20 minutes to clean the whole house before bed! LOL Love the little table...can't wait to see it!!