Friday, January 14, 2011

Settling In

I'm trying to get/keep going in the decorating department. I would LOVE to paint the walls to add color, but we'd have to paint back to the original color when we leave. Since we might not be here too long, I hate the thought of painting, then having to paint over it again. For now, I'll just stick with STUFF. I like stuff. I like stuff on the walls, on tables on shelves. BUT...I'd like the stuff to look nice! A little hard when you have lots of stuff. And lots of kids that have lots of stuff!

Here are some pictures of some things I've done so far. I'll post more when I take more pictures.

Here's some of our Disney stuff. Those are red and silver Christmas ornaments in that glass vase. I'm going to keep them there, but I'd like to add something to the vase - Something sticking out of it...but I have no idea what.

Here's a little wall in the living room. I LOVE collecting the letter R for our last name. Over the weekend I bought a HUGE R from JoAnn's. It's paper mache and I need to paint it and decoupage something on it. For now it's hanging up there bare until I figure out what to do with it.

This is a small section of the family room. I might move the red lamp, but for now she stays. Hubby is just happy I'm keeping it. I bought new lamps for our room that he HATES, but I don't want these red ones back in there and he doesn't want to get rid of them. I love all the black and white photos. There are pictures from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Paris. That is an awesome black dresser that I got FREE from an AWESOME friend! ;)


  1. Looks great so far!!! Loooove the photo walls and especially the b&w's from Europe!!! Maybe in that vase you can add some of those tall twigs painted either silver or black?

  2. Looks amazing so far! Love the outside of your house...even without grass! Glad to see you're settling in, Monica. Have the kiddos adjusted to school yet? Hope so!