Monday, December 13, 2010

Italy to Alamogordo - Part II

Cambridge, Ohio to Branson, Missouri...

In case you get hungry along the way. We stopped at Dairy Queen MANY times along the way to enjoy a Blizzard. We thought this sign was pretty funny!

Welcome to Ohio...

Hartman's Rock Garden. Springfield, Ohio.

Now on to Indiana...

I don't remember where this cross was, but we saw two on our trip and work was starting on a third! All claiming to be the "Tallest Cross in the World"!

Driving off into the sunset. We did this many times!

I had hoped to be able to take Mike and the kids up in the St Louis Arch, but this was what it looked like outside that day. :( This is all we got to see of it.

We finally made it to Branson, Missouri. Just LOOK what we found across the street from our hotel! We had been WAITING for Krispy Kreme!

Thanksgiving Day and the night before we went to Silver Dollar City. It is the cutest little theme park ever! We were only able to go in the evening, so we didn't get to see everything. Parts of the park close after dark and other parts close when it's below 35 degrees. Which it was Thanksgiving evening!!! BRRRR!

Silver Dollar City is covered in lights. There are Christmas trees everywhere and everything is decorated. Even the workers are dressed in Christmas outfits. It's so fun and festive. I just wish I'd taken MORE pictures.

And the shops. The shops were GORGEOUS! I could have spent all my time in the shops. There was a barn that was ALL Christmas! And this store that was ALL about apples!

Then there were rides! This was our first one. A roller coaster similar to Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland, but notice some of the cars are BACKWARDS! No thank you!

to be continued...

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  1. I love reading your blog and am going to start following it. I'm still learning the ins and outs of mine, but I'll get the hang of it eventually. Love and miss ya!