Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spilled Juice, Shattered Glass, Broken Tub

What a day! It was actually a good day, but I'm quite tired! Started by my waking at 5:15. That was actually, not so good. I got up about 6:20 and as I went into the laundry room to get clothes I noticed a spider. A big one. I decided not to get clothes and sat down at the computer instead. Thought I could get a few moments of quiet.

Fast forward about 3 hours. Got the spider out of the laundry room. It's ok, he was in a box. I just put a lid on it. And I put a lid on the bottom as well. Hey, it was a see through box and somehow my touching the bottom of the see through box would be like holding the spider IN my hand! NO thank you! Brought it up to hubby and made HIM throw it outside!

The girls and I got ready and headed out to the market in Pordenone. Parking was SO fun. Not. Italians are crazy drivers and terrible at parking! We walked through an old church. Walked through the market. The girls bought gloves and scarves and we all had gelato and crepes! YUM!

Had a few hours to kill at home before taking the older two out to a Halloween party with their youth group. The theme of the party was "Super Heroes". Zac went as Wolverine. It was fun doing his hair! Taylor was "Super Bum". She was a pretty cute bum though. She, of course, made up her Super Hero. She made up a good story - a lot like Jason Bourne. Pretty cool. Wonder what the other kids went as?

I know. As "Wolverine" he should be more serious. A little more tough looking. But, hey. We got a picture of his FACE, so I'm ok with it!

After dropping them off, the rest of us headed out to the store, then back home for snacks and s'mores. But first....

A certain youngest daughter put her leftover juice in the fridge. We're always telling them not to do this, but do they listen? Of course not. :) She somehow bumped the juice with something else causing it to spill. Did I mention it was on the TOP shelf? Yeah. It was. It spilled down to the next shelf. Down to the drawer below that. Down to the next shelf. Down to the bottom of the fridge. It even managed to make it to the FLOOR below the fridge! Daddy took all the shelves out and thought he'd carry them to the tub and clean them there. Not such a bad idea considering we have such a TINY sink! I was trying to help with s'more making and I heard a CRASH and a YELL from the bathroom. Seems the glass in the bottom shelf - The biggest of them all - wasn't attached to the frame surrounding it. (WHO built this fridge?) When he picked it up to clean it, it slid right out and shattered on the bottom of the tub!!!

(Be sure not to put anything on that bottom right shelf...It's NOT there anymore!)

We managed to get it all cleaned out and even got the glass that somehow flew to the other side of the bathroom...and then I noticed it.

The broken tub. We have THREE weeks left in this house! THREE weeks! So the white surface of the tub has chipped away and we are left with the black sub-surface stairing us in the face. Or, well, the feet.

On a happier note...Two guys came over today and bought a bunch of our junk! The first guy bought a table, a lawnmower and a huge trash can (along with a bunch of smaller stuff) and managed to fit it all in the tiniest car I have ever seen!

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