Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Fall in Italy

Sunday, we went to a pumpkin festival in a town not too far from us. We don't see a lot of fall color around here, so we had to take pictures of these trees. We saw them in the parking lot!

These guys and their pumpkin/gourd/?watermelon? display were cute.

This is just a poster outside a coffee/pastry shop.

Almost all the shops in town had brooms like this decorating their front doors.

Haley and Jenny thought these bungee trampolines would be fun...Until they started jumping! By the end they were having lots of fun.

There were a few carnival games and rides throughout the festival.

A big pile of pumpkins.

We HAD to try some food. We got fries and pumpkin gnocchi and pumpkin ravioli! YUM!

I usually LOVE pumpkin ravioli, but this had a strong lemon taste. Kinda weird with the pumpkin.

The gnocchi tasted GREAT, but I can't handle the texture for long. A little too squishy for me!

It was starting to rain, so I had to put my camera away, but I wanted to get a picture of some of the crafts for sale. There were LOTS more, but these just looked so OLD to me! Very outdated. How can a country so ahead on fashion, be SO behind on so many other things?!

This was the biggest cake we've ever seen. They must have been going for some kind of record. We have no idea what this cake was all about, but it was delicious! NOT pumpkin, but still very good!

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  1. How fun! I love gnocchi. I used to make it with my grandma, but I've never had pumpkin gnocchi. Do you have a recipe for it?