Thursday, April 29, 2010

O is for OH.....My Gosh!

I'm playing along with Mrs. Matlock again and joining her for Alphebe-Thursday! Check out her site to see who else is playing!

Today is all about he letter O.

OH my gosh it's been a busy week! More field trips and some scrapbooking fun too!

Tuesday was a trip to the Bee Keeper with Joey. OH, was it interesting! I bought some hOney too. YUM YUM! Did you know that worker bees are all females? And they do ALL the work?! (Hence the name!) And the Drones are all males...They don't do any work and can't even feed themselves. They are just there to mate with the queen. Hmmm...

Here are Joey and his friends checking out the bees.

The honey we bought from the bee keeper.

Yummy honey!

Wednesday was a field trip to Venice with Jenny! As if I haven't been there ENOUGH times! I LOVE it! This time we took a boat, and another boat to the island of BuranO. They make lace there and all the houses are painted in bright colors. OH so pretty! We then took another bOat to the island of MuranO. They make glass on this island. OH, we had a good time there too, but it was OH so hot in the glass factory! Back on another boat to Venice. We had free time here and stopped for gelatO, not once, but twice! :)

Jenny on the boat ride to Burano.

Saw this on the boat ride to Burano. Wonder what it used to be?

Colorful houses in Burano.

Jenny and the other kids sat in this piazza for a while drawing pictures of things they saw.

I just thought this was a really neat little "street". See the man cleaning the windows and the lady hanging her laundry? LOVE it!

This lady is making lace on the island of BuranO.

On Murano, this man, Giorgio, has been working at the factory for 50 years. (He's 72) He made this vase right in front of us. Very cool.

This is Giorgio making a horse.

Today I got to scrap with friends. Actually, I made cards, but still OH so fun!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Why doesn't it surprise me that all the worker bees are the females LOL.

  2. what gorgeous photos ... i love the little houses, so colourful!

  3. Those sound like fun field trips. I love the pretty colored houses in Burano! Joni

  4. I say 'OOOOOOh' everytime you post pictures of your temporary home! Beautiful!

  5. OMG for certain! Great post for the letter O.

  6. Oh Monica! I so want to visit Burano. That little island with the ruins, those house colors, your beautiful children...

    I adored this post and my little trip to your part of the world on this Outstanding post in Alphabe-Thursday's journey through the Letter "O".


  7. Oh wow! I seriously almost used the title "O is for Oh my gosh!" You've a busy but exciting couple of days.

    Stopping by from Jenny's

  8. WhOa! Who gets to take field trips to Venice! Burano sounds amazing in a quaint kind of way. I love handmade lace and watching glass blowing is fascinating (as is watching bees). Y'all are really fortunate. Both outings looked wonderful - unique and special. What interactive learning and memories.

  9. what an amazing field trip...lucky, lucky you!