Friday, October 30, 2009

FOOD Friday

I'm gonna call this FOOD Friday. Maybe I'll continue this every Friday. Maybe I won't. We'll see. But for today, it's FOOD Friday. I'll talk about food, post pictures of food, eat food as I'm talking about food and showing pictures of food. You get the idea.

I've been eating these "Chicken Things" for as long as I can remember. My grandma used to make them. I always thought for sure she HAD to have come up with this recipe. She was GRANDMA! Grandma's KNOW how to cook! They know how to come up with their own recipes! I've since seen the recipe all over the internet and in cookbook after cookbook after cooking magazine! I'm pretty sure this isn't a secret family recipe passed on from generation to generation, but I still love them. They call for Pillsbury crescent rolls. That's probably where grandma got the recipe. That cute little Pillsbury doughboy! I used to make these at least once a week when we were first married. Here's a picture of them from dinner last night. Some are shaped kinda funny. I got mad at the dough. It's supposed to unroll right out of the can. Well, it didn't. We've been calling them "Chicken Things" forever, but grandma's name for them was Savory Crescent Chicken. Sorry, grandma, but I think that sounds dumb. So, Chicken Things, they will remain!

I made these apple dumplings last night for Mike to take to work today. To share. With the office. Instead of his family. They also use Crescent Rolls. You can make almost anything with Crescent Rolls! Maybe it should be Crescent Food Friday?! Anyway, these are SO easy to make and SO good with a scoop (or three) of vanilla ice cream. There are only about 5 ingredients and one of them is Mountain Dew! YUCK! I HATE that stuff! But these apple dumplings are DELICIOUS!!! We got the recipe from our church secretary. She makes them all the time for potlucks or just whenever. She is known for making these dumplings and even though most of the church has the recipe no one else would ever dare make them for any church get together! That would just be rude, don't ya think? But I know of someone that WOULD make someone's famous *Insert name of recipe here*. Just rude. I bought more Crescent Rolls today so I can make some for the family later! Oh, darnit, I forgot to get ice cream! Should I send Mike to the store?? I think so.

Here's something I made today. For myself. My internet friends (all back in the states) have all been talking about Pumpkin Lattes that they get at Starbucks. Well, I can't get foo foo coffee here. Italians drink the hard stuff. No whipped cream or cinnamon sprinkled on top! You have to make your OWN! So, I did. Pumpkin Latte in the crockpot! Isn't that cool! I'm drinking it now and it's good, don't get me wrong, but it's missing something....Hmmm...I think it's missing COFFEE!!! I'm going to use stronger stuff next time. Probably Italian coffee! It's kind of like hot sweet milk with a hint of pumpkin. Oh, and next time I'm buying whipped cream to go on top. It kind of looks like whipped cream in the mug with cinnamon on top...But it's not whipped cream. It's "dip". The next best (sometimes better) thing. But dip is worthy of it's own post. Maybe even it's own FRIDAY!

I have Caramel Corn in the oven right now. It smells SO good. Much better than the burned popcorn smell of a few hours ago! I'm actually making this caramel corn for a friend. She's got a couple parties to attend this weekend and doesn't want to show up empty handed. She's moving soon, so the movers have packed up all her household goods. She has nothing. Being the NICE friend that I am, I said I'd make it for her. My mom used to make this caramel corn when I was a kid. I always used to think it was HER recipe. But I'm pretty sure it's not. Sad. I don't put peanuts in mine (cuz it's NOT on the recipe), but I'm pretty sure my mom used to do that. I remember going to the store with her and buying bulk spanish peanuts. The ones that have that red skin on them - the kind that sticks on your teeth! When mom would make the caramel corn she would put it in this gigantic yellow Tupperware container. I remember taking the container full of caramel corn on a trip with our youth group once. By the time we were headed home, it was empty. Till my friend got sick. After that before a long road trip we'd always be sure we had "The caramel corn bucket"!
One batch almost done...TWO to go!


  1. My Mom always made caramel corn!!! Now I have to dig out the recipe. It is so flippin good!!!

    You crack me up with your Starbucks mug!!! :-) Making it feel like home!!! :-)

  2. Oh man...this post has made me SO DANG HONGRY!! I think I'm going to have to make caramel corn tonight!!!