Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Game of Giant Jenga

Wow...It's been a while, but here I am again!

We were at our oldest son's engagement party a few weeks back.  The kids all played a game of giant Jenga (made by our son and his future father-in-law) while we were there and they loved it.  When the end of the trip came and we decided to plan a surprise birthday party for our almost 16 year old daughter, I decided I'd make giant Jenga.  

I watched a few videos on YouTube and thought, "This will be easy!"  We went with a jelly bean theme for her party (her favorite candy), so I decided to paint the Jenga pieces different colors.  My husband was going to be away the week leading up to the party, so it was up to me to get it done.  (I hadn't told him of my plans anyway, so I HAD to do it!) 

First, to the store for paint.

Next, a trip to Home Depot for 2x4's.  I think I was asked about four times if I needed help.  "Nope.  I got this."  The cashier asked if I needed help getting it to my car.  "Nope.  I got this."  

(I was a hot sweaty mess by the time I got them loaded in the car!  Maybe I should have accepted help!  haha)

I got the wood home, brought the saw outside and started measuring and cutting.  

I ended up with 16 stacks of three.  I think there are supposed to be 18, but one of the 2x4's had a crack through half of it, so I couldn't use it.

Next came the sanding.  It. took. forever!  A belt sander of some kind would have been great, but I used what I had and they turned out amazing.  (If I do say so myself!)

I painted/stained them with a watered down acrylic paint, then applied a wax to make them slide.

The kids seemed to have a lot of fun.

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