Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quite a Lot of Tomatoes!

We have quite a lot of tomatoes growing in our garden this year!

We planted three Roma Tomato plants from seed.  When they didn't seem to be doing well, we bought another plant from the store.

The first three took off and left the store bought plant in the dust!

We planted one Brandywine from seed.  (Those are the big tomatoes in the back of the above photo.)  It got really tall, but we didn't get many tomatoes from the plant.

We also planted three Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes from seed.  Those are the multi colored tomatoes in the above photo.  That's not quite what they are supposed to look like....Wonder what happened to them?

We don't know much about tomatoes at all, but one thing we've learned....Don't plant so many next year!!

I've made and froze a couple batches of pasta sauce.  We've made pizza sauce and had salads.  I think I'm going to use what I have now in salsa.

What should I do with the tomatoes left on the vines??

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  1. Great post for Q and lovely photography of your abundant harvest of tomatoes ~ Enjoy!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. You can make fried green tomatoes! After you have cooked a batch, and they have cooled, put them in plastic bags and freeze them! Yum!!!

  3. they're always so pretty, especially in a large bunch! {:-D