Friday, October 4, 2013

Painting a Dresser

Yesterday Mike & I stopped in a thrift store and we found this dresser for Haley.  It's sturdy, all wood and in good shape.  It could use the magic of a carpenter in a couple spots, but it wasn't too expensive, we're going to paint it and she probably won't keep it for the rest of her life anyway.
I took all the handles off (I'm pretty sure we'll keep them, but they'll probably be painted.) and sanded the whole thing.  Haley wants it white with some kind of design on the front.  We'll have to think on it.  Oh, and she wants it done while she's away this weekend.  :)

We moved it into her room this morning.  Since she'll be away, I'll probably paint it in there too.  She chose this lovely shade of green for her walls.  The top 12 inches or so is painted white and will eventually include some black dots.  We have black with white polka dot fabric for a window valance.  She loves the green, but is getting a bit tired of everything she owns being green.  She's hoping to bring in a few other colors on the dresser somehow.

pink painted dresser with flower motif
I like this idea, but I was thinking more to the left and a word instead of flowers.

Warm, buttery yellow.    Please note that due to computer monitor displays, colors may vary slightly from the images displayed.
An all over design would be cool too.

Dresser redo with cities and streets you've lived at
I've seen this so many times.  It's getting a bit old, but Haley might like it?

Well, lots to think about!  I need to get busy!!

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  1. I like your ideas! I have a desk I need to paint for Stephen. But he just wants a solid color. No fun designs. I'm nervous because I've never painted furniture...other than spray painting small pieces. In fact, I plan to spray paint an accent table this weekend. If you have any painting tips you should post them! :) Or email me girlie!!