Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Ways to Use a Canvas Dropcloth

I started out with a 4 x 12 dropcloth from the hardware store.  $7.49 at Harbor Freight, down to $5.99 with coupon.  AND I got a free flashlight!  Woot Woot!  My daughter wondered WHY we had to go to the hardware store.  I told her you can find craft items & tools there and she didn't believe me.  Then I explained how much canvas would cost at a fabric store.  Now she gets it!  

Canvas Chair Cover

This didn't turn out exactly how I pictured it in my head, but I think it's ok for my first try.  You know that whole "measure twice, cut once" thing?  Probably a good rule to follow.  If I decide to try it again, I think I have it down!

Christmas Stocking -

The stocking was a lot easier than the chair cover!  I used some muslin I already had for a lining and a scrap of the dropcloth for the ruffle.

Bathroom Valance - 

This valance was super easy.  Our bathroom is one of the few rooms in the house we haven't touched yet.  Eventually the walls will be painted, the valance will be hung higher, decorations will be added to the walls, but for now, I have a new valance.  I used scraps again for the ruffles.

Ruffly Purse - 

I love how this purse turned out, but it took some time.  I was working on it late last night and realized I sewed the lining in backward, so I had to rip it out and start over.  I was too tired, so I saved it for this morning.  I used a vintage cloth/crocheted napkin and a scrap of the dropcloth for the ruffles.  I "made" the strap from an old belt I found sitting in the "give away" pile in the basement!  I hope nobody wanted it!

Pillow Cover

I'm so excited about this pillow!!!  I found the idea online...somewhere.  Maybe Pinterest?  I can't remember.  Anyway.  I used free motion sewing and "drew" my family with the sewing machine!  So fun, but so scary!  My machine can be kind of testy.  I was waiting for it to jam up and just quit working.  

I drew it on paper first, then traced it onto the canvas with pencil.  The pencil was hard to see when I went to sew, so it didn't come out exactly like the drawing.  It's supposed to have a scribble feel though and I think I managed to get that.  I just noticed, everyone looks kind of mad.  "Drawing" the mouths and eyes was the hardest part.  It's like drawing a picture without lifting up your pencil...but you have MUCH more control with a pencil!

I took a picture of the back side before I sewed the cover together.  It even looks kinda cool backwards.

Bonus - 

I used more scraps and some faux pearl beads I had to make this flower pin.  

I thought I could use it to dress up the purse or the stocking.  

I think I like it best on the stocking.

What have you made from a dropcloth??

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  1. Love the stockings. Now I need to go to the hardwear store.

  2. Monica I have some drop cloth already and Ive been wanting to make all matching Christmas stockings but wasnt sure what material to use- love this idea! Yours turned out great :)