Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Did it Work Wednesday - Crayon Art

You've probably seen crayon art all over the Pinterest.  For a while it was ALL OVER.  I don't see it much now, but it's still there.  A few weeks ago, my daughter, Jenny, decided she wanted to do a craft, but couldn't decide what.  Then she remembered we had canvases and LOTS of crayons, so crayon art it was.  

Here is Jenny's go at crayon art.  Did it work?  I do think it did.

Here it is above her bed in her not quite finished room.  She still needs curtains or a valance.  See the green tape in the top right corner?  We STILL need to paint her ceiling.  More than a year in this house and her ceiling is still pink.  (What's worse is, so is her brother's!)

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1 comment:

  1. Tell Jenny that Grandma loves her creative crayon art project! It turned out really good!