Thursday, March 21, 2013

Roveredo in Piano, Italy

Our first couple years in Italy we lived in Roveredo in Piano.  It was a cute little town.  There was a church, a weekly market and a great gelato spot.  (They even brought out gelato for our dog!)

Here's a (not so good) picture of our house.  We were in the middle of a row of three houses.  Ours was three stories.  

This is where we had to park the Suburban!!!  There was a bit of a "carport" at the bottom, then a garage...that the Suburban would not fit in.  Partly because we used it for storage, partly because it was just too big!

You get a better idea of how steep the driveway was when you see if from this angle.  It was NOT fun to park in there...I quit doing it after that one time when I, well, let's just say the Suburban made contact with the wall on the right...That's our mini mini van across the street.

This was the view from our balcony.  Those are the Dolomites, or the "pre"Alps.  I LOVED that view.

The recycle bins we passed by on our way in to town.  The kids loved to take the recycling down - Especially the glass!  They would throw it in the bins to hear it break!

A row of houses near "downtown".

It's Market Day.

The church in the town center.  (and Joey down in the corner)

Here's a short video of Market Day.  You can hear the church bells.  I love that sound and really miss it.

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  1. what a life that must have been, in all that charm and history. such a view from your balcony!

  2. How awful to live in such tranquility !!!!!!!

  3. great pics! My family got together and visited Italy last spring. One of the places we went to were the Dolomites, and Bolzano. I thought Italy was great! {:-Deb

  4. What a nice glimpse of your neighborhood. I'm wondering how does one get out after that suburban is snugly parked?

  5. I miss the bells. I miss Italy, Gelato, Coffee, Coffee with friends, Friends from Italy. I could go on and on. HUGS!!!

  6. That steep driveway would be a Real disaster for me...

    But the Remarkable view would be worth the Risky parking space... (((winkwink)))

    Radical post for the letter R...


  7. Wow!!!I remember that house!!! Back in 1986-1988. I hated the basement though, it wasn't finished. The house was yellow back then and we had palm trees, even a scorpion. My sister actually ran into the gate with my parents car. Funny thing is I was about 11 years old and I used to bother my sister. A friend of hers went to homecoming with her, and now he's my husband! Thank you so much for posting this picture it brought back some sweet memories. The ice cream place was famous back then too! I sure missed Italy!