Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twelve on 12

12 photos of our day, March 12, 2012.

Here's Joey about to walk out the door and head for the bus stop.  Always with his hood on.

Taylor is almost ready to go.  She's wearing the shirt she (with my help) made for an art project.  Aren't those elephants cool?  All her idea, but I did most of the sewing.  :)  I'm pretty sure she got an A.

Walking back from Joey's bus stop I spotted two golf balls in the empty lot next door.  I knew I had to grab them for him.  (We live across the street from a golf course and he has a huge collection!)

I did loads of laundry today.  (Ha ha...loads)

I worked on the kids' patch blankets.  I first made them for Zac and Taylor in 1995.  All the kids have one now and we get patches as souvenirs every time we go on a trip.

Mike and I rode out to the middle school (Jenny forgot her PE clothes!), then on to WalMart to pick up a few groceries.

We may or may not have picked up a couple pints while we were out.
{We may or may not have downed these in one sitting.  Before the kids got home.  So we'd have time to hide the evidence in the bottom of the trash can outside.}

After school the kids played an exciting game of Quelf.  It's a pretty fun game...If you like to wear lipstick, wrap your head in toilet paper, snort when you laugh, sing hymns and yodel-izzle.
{Ignore the Valentine decor that is STILL up and the unfinished lamp in the background!}

Poor Cookie just wants to go play outside with the kids.

Another of Taylor's art projects.  I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure it will be cool when she's finished!

It's so much cheaper to make a loaf of bread than to buy one...even when you have to throw a loaf away because it turned out, well, not good.  (Like Mike had to do with his loaf yesterday!)  This is mine and while it may not look pretty, it looks MUCH better than that loaf Mike made!  :)

And here is where I fell asleep watching Holmes on Homes.  I love that show!

So, what did you do on March 12, 2012? 

I'm playing along with Dear Lizzy today and her 12 on Twelve.


  1. What a fun post!! Super cool shirt. And save me some of the Chunky Monkey next time!

  2. I think your bread looks yummy! love the elephants!