Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last week during the kids' spring break we went to visit White Sands National Monument.  The sand dunes have engulfed 275 square miles of desert.  There are places to walk, camp, picnic and play.  Play is what the kids did.

They dug in the sand.

It's hard not to squint - It is SO bright there with the sun reflecting off the sand.

There was lots of sledding down the hill.

Even Cookie had fun.

Ok, well, maybe not so much.  That is her water bowl.  Just before I took this picture she had her CHIN resting in the bowl!

And this is what you come home with.  Sand caked on everything!  And you find it for days after!

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  1. I rode a saucer down the hills at White Sand too. It was such fun! I looks like your family loved it too.

  2. Hi Monica,

    Such wonderful pictures of the sand and your children! I never thought about sledding in it. A good substitute for snow. Thanks for stopping to visit me.

  3. Cookie is so cute! I had a beagle/basset for 17 years and he was so much fun...

  4. Cookie and the kids are all cute. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm loving the idea of tobogganing without snow!

  5. looks like a lot of fun. I hope Cookie enjoyed herself as much as the kids. Finding sand in the car/luggage/clothes was worth it! Hope you had fun too! {:-D

  6. What a great post for S! Boy that's a lot of sand. How fun to sled down it like on snow...

  7. What a great scrapbook page these photos will make!!! Looks fun!

  8. That looks like so much fun! wonderful photos! Yep, sand never really goes away!

  9. I've been there years and years ago.

    I think I still have sand in my ears!

    But it is soooo neat, isn't it?

    Love seeing the kids happy faces!

    Thanks for a splendid link for the letter S.