Friday, February 10, 2012

It's my Birthday!

Yep, 42 years ago today, I was born.  Yep, I just told you my age.  42.  What?  It's just a number.

One of the kids told Mike he should let me sleep in and not have to get the kids all ready for school.  Then I reminded him I CAN'T sleep in!  I just can't do it.  So, I'll get up, but I won't have to get myself or the kids ready to walk out the door.  I can just sit back and watch.  :)  Maybe even have my cup of coffee. 

Later Mike and I will go out to lunch.  Maybe I'll go shopping.  Later the kids are making dinner and I get to open presents and have cake! 

While I wait, I thought I'd make a list.  Like so many other people do on their blogs.  How about a list of...

*42 Things I want to do Before my Next Birthday*

I know.  It's been done before, but this is more for me than for you.  I just thought if I put it out there for all the world to see, I might actually get some of it done.  So here, in no particular order, are the 42 things I want to do before February 10, 2013.

1.  Move to another state.
2.  Buy a house.
3.  Plant a garden. **We moved to a new home last summer and have a big garden space.  The planting will happen in the spring/summer.
4.  Read more.  **I've tried, but I need more books!
5.  Practice piano.
6.  Exercise.  **I've done a little - walking the kids to/from school, riding my bike, working in the garden.  I'm about 6 months from my 45th birthday and have really slowed down.  :( 
7.  Paint a room - or two.  **I've painted the living/dining room, kitchen & 3 bedrooms!
8.  Ride my bike more.  **I've ridden Joey to and from school a few times.  NOT fun dragging a bike up from the basement!
9.  Send Zac (and later Taylor) snail mail at college.
10.  Bake bread often.
11.  Try at least one new recipe every week.
12.  Read my Bible.  **Working on this!
13.  Get my hair cut.  **I'd like to try it a little shorter next time
14.  Post more on my blog.
15. Get my nails done.
16.  Paint something in the new house (that we have yet to buy) with chalkboard paint.  **I did a wall in the kitchen and want to do more!  (Mostly because I like the black!)
17.  Eat more vegetables.  (I like them, I just don't eat them as often as I should.)
18.  Buy some boots.  **Not what I had intended, but I did buy snow boots!
19.  Laugh.
20.  Play more games with the kids.
21.  Do more puzzles.
22.  Make new friends.
23.  Lose some weight.
24.  Have a family picture taken before both big kids go off to college in the fall.
25.  Scrapbook more.  **Still need to work on this, but I did go away for an entire weekend of scrapbooking!
26.  Sew a lot.  **I love sewing!
27.  Decorate our bedroom.  **Working on it.
28.  Make a quilt.
29.  Keep in touch with old friends.
30.  Travel more.
31.  Go to the beach.  **Did it.  It was gross.
32.  Take a class.
33.  Do more Random Acts of Kindness
{This is a great blog!}
34.  Share.
35.  Craft more with the girls.  **We have a big craft space in the basement to SHARE!
36.  Teach the kids to cook.
37.  Get outside.  **I've been working in the garden and we've gone camping 4 times since I posted this list!
38.  Be nice.
39.  Take more pictures. 
40.  Have more pictures taken of me.
41.  Take time away from the computer.
42.  Go camping.  **We drove across country during the summer and camped along the way.  Super fun!

And there you have it.  42 things. 
Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy Birthday Mon! I love your list. It's a great one! I hope you have a great day!!

  2. I came here this morning because I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was so glad to see you had a post that I could comment on. I miss you. I love you. I think you're awesome. I still consider you one of my dearest bestest friends. You are amazing. You are kind. You are generous. You are beautiful. You are talented. We still need to build those homes we talked about years ago with a secret hideaway halfway between! I hope your day is super duper extra ally ooper special today!!! :)

  3. Happy birthday girlie!! Enjoy your day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day. I can't sleep in either, but it's nice to let someone else take over the morning schedule. Sounds like a great list and totally doable.

  5. We just read your blog and it made us miss you more! We hope that you had a really special birthday! We wish you were here with us at Cannon Beach - all of you. Maybe next year you will be closer.

    Love you lots - Mom and everyone else!

  6. What a clever idea to jot down something for every year you are old that you wish to accomplish before your next birthday! I may have to consider giving this a shot. I like all of your to-dos before your 43rd arrives. The year will zing by! Happy Belated Birthday to you and thank you for visiting! =D