Thursday, January 19, 2012

In-N-Out Burger & a Quick Trip to Tucson

We spent the weekend in Tucson. 
It's just 5 hours away, so not too bad a drive.

We got to spend a day with our good friend, Amy, and her kids that we knew in Italy.  (They were visiting Tucson too.)  We took the kids to the zoo.

Amy & I wanted our picture taken together - Mike thought it would be funny if we stood under the WARTY PIG sign!  (I guess we thought it would be funny too, or we wouldn't have done it!)

I didn't get any pictures this time, but we had lunch at In-N-Out Burger.  Have you EVER had lunch at In-N-Out?  It is SO delicious!  You used to find them only in California, but they have ventured into Arizona, Nevada, Utah and even Texas (completely skipping over New Mexico!).  If you have one nearby, you MUST try it!  My favorite is a Double Double.  This is me (my hand & my Double Double) as Zac & I were leaving Tucson last January.

Here's the In-N-Out menu at an In-N-Out in California last March.

**In-N-Out WAS a highlight of our trip to Tucson, but not THE highlight.  I'm just trying to join in Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday and the letter for the day is I.**

After lunch, we took the kids to the park, Mike & Joey got to watch a football game back at the hotel -we don't have tv at home, so this was probably a highlight for Mike.  :)  The girls and I met up with our friends later for dinner, shopping and coffee.  It was SO great to see them - I wish we could get together more often. 

Sunday was spent with my aunt, uncle and cousins.  We had a GREAT time & were so glad we got to see them all.  We ate out, toured their homes, discovered old Legos and found a great new dessert.  U-Swirl.  Frozen yogurt (and toppings) by the ounce.  Yum! 

Monday was our last day in Tucson.  We hit Costco, Cheesecake Factory and...the Wonderbread store.  I bought Hostess Raspberry filled donuts.  Does anyone else like these, or is it just me?  I love those things and I can never find them anywhere!  I bought the last 3 boxes and I'm sure they'll be gone in no time!

We made a quick stop in Bowie, AZ on our way home.  We kept seeing signs for "REALLY GOOD FRESH JERKY" and we just happened to stop at the place selling the REALLY GOOD JERKY.  You know what?  It was REALLY GOOD JERKY!  I wish we would have bought more.  If you ever travel along I-10 and happen to notice signs for Bowie, AZ, you must stop at the Shell station on the north side of the freeway for some of Dwayne's REALLY GOOD FRESH JERKY.  (I just found his website - Looks like you can buy it online)

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  1. We love our In-n-Out.

    And I love your silly picture with that warty pigs sign.


  2. I live in Tucson, and LOVE Reid Park!! Too bad you didn't go to the Desert Museum. The animals are active now in this cool weather. We took the twins there over Christmas. Come back again! It's a great town!!

  3. OK, I admit it, when I first started reading this I thought you drove 5 hours JUST for in-n-out! Do you know about their secret menu? The one that's not published but you can order off it if you know what to order? Such as fries, animal style!!! yes...decadent. The "official" secret menu or here's a more complete take on it...

  4. Glad that you enjoyed Reid Park and the zoo. Tucson is a nice place and the mountains are breathtaking.

  5. Hi, hubby and I vacationed in Tucson 2 years ago and loved it! The warty pig sign is too funny! Darn, sad that we missed out on the jerky. We both love us some good jerky!

  6. I've never heard of On-and-Out Burgers! Great that you went to see your friend. And nice to find something to do with the kids. Think I've been to Tucson once! about 40 years ago... {:-Deb

  7. Warty Pigs - what kids wouldn't want to see them?!

  8. A great time friends and all that yummy food what a wonderful trip.

  9. OMG, coffee spew on the warty pigs picture! LMAO!

  10. There burgers are Insanely delicious...

    You can order any of them "Animal Style" too(even though it does not appear as an option anywhere on the menu)...

    And in case you don't know what "Animal Style" is... It means they add caramelized onions and pickles to the burger...

    Thanks for linking to the letter "I"!!

    Great job,


  11. OK I Love that Sign. LOL Just kidding. Im updating my Blog. I have a better pic of us somewhere. Miss you.
    PS So did not go to Vnice today. Called for snow no thank you.