Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Spring Break

We drove from here to Tucson - No pictures cuz it was dark and we all (but Mike) fell asleep! (AFTER our stop at Dairy Queen, that is.) Had a WONDERFUL breakfast in Tucson with AWESOME relatives before heading out to California the next morning.

This was somewhere outside of Tucson. There's a row of UGLY old hotels. I thought it was funny that this "WOW" sign was there in the middle of all the ugly.

We're just about to enter California...Where they ask if you're carrying any fruit or live animals - Do the 5 kids in back count??

We HAD to stop at In-N-Out Burger along the way. The. Best. Burgers! I even got in trouble for taking pictures!

Have you ever heard of BACON salt? Bacon is popping up all over lately! We found this at Polly's Pies. De. Lic. Ious breakfast! Speaking of bacon - Have you seen the commercials for Denny's and their baconalia??? Celebration of BACON! Maple Bacon Sundaes! Seriously! I am suddenly hungry for some bacon!

Haley bought some modeling clay at the Dollar Tree. THIS is what she did with it. All kinds of tiny foods. Awesome!

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