Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 - The Year in Pictures - Part I cuz Blogger is SLOW!

What a memorable year! We went so many places and had such a good time. I will miss all the traveling!

We "celebrated" New Years on a plane to Paris...I wasn't feeling so hot!

We came home to Italy and had SNOW!

Zac turned 18!!!

I turned *40*.
Had an Awesome 80's Birthday Party.
Went to Venice about 4 times.
Attended a Tea Party.
Went on a field trip to a cookie factory (Mmmmmm!) with the little man.

Mom-n-law and aunt-n-law came for a visit. FUN times!
We had some COLD weather and a little snow.
We went to Venice.
We had an Unbirthday party for 16 year old!! (16!)


During spring break we traveled to the left side of Italy and camped for the first time!
We climbed a TALL scary tower.
We played on the beach.
We tried to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Top of TALL scary tower.

First time camping.

Jumping at the beach.

Holding up the leaning tower.


We celebrated these cutie patootie's birthdays.

And I took SENIOR (SENIOR!!!) pictures of this handsome guy.


We were crazy busy in June and had fun fun fun!
Mom & Dad and Aunt & Uncle came to visit.
We went to Venice.
Oldest graduated!
We had a party.
We went to Nove.
School ended for the rest of the kids.
We flew to ROME!
We celebrated a birthday.
We watched an airshow from our backyard!


Bassano del Grappa

The kids in front of THE Colosseum!

Happy 11th Birthday!

These planes flew right over our yard! SO cool!

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