Monday, August 16, 2010

BAG lady & a Tutorial!

I LOVE making bags....Just need to take more time to do it. I love fabric (I have a HARD time finding it over here though), but I also love making bags from plastic grocery store bags. I've had friends send bags from the states, but I have a huge collection of bags from Europe too. I'm hoping to get a bunch made here soon so I can bring them back to the states with me. I'd feel much better about bringing actual tote bags than I would a bunch of grocery store bags!

You'll need:
Plastic bags
2 pieces of large PLAIN paper (My kids have one of those big rolls of art paper, so I use that) I've tried wax paper and foil, but I like the kids' paper best.
Iron & Ironing board
Sewing machine

To make your first piece of "fabric" you will need about 8 layers of plastic, so 4 bags. I choose one layer with a pattern and the rest of the layers are solid. I try to use white, especially for the top layer. You don't want to have a printed layer on top. You'll be ironing it and it will smear and make a mess on the iron.

Flatten your bag and cut off the bottom.

Cut off the handles.

When the top and bottom are cut off, flatten the bag. Most bags are folded in on the sides, so open the folds and flatten it. You'll be cutting it to a smaller size.

Get your layers all cut to the same size. I try not to make it bigger than the width of my ironing board and not too long either.

To be continued!.........


  1. a few of the pics didn't show up, but I'm watching this one. You made these once before, reight? Love them. Gonna check out your cousins store.

  2. I don't know what was wrong...You should be able to see them now...I'll take more "during" pictures tomorrow & post those along with some "afters".

  3. Monica you can always feel free to make me one with all those European plastic bags. These will be so cool. What do you use for the handles? I am gonna keep watching. fantastic looking to me.

  4. Oh! I was so hoping to see a completed bag now.
    Let me know how much you would charge for one made with the Euopean plastic bags. I really like the idea of that. Happy to send the money your way.

  5. well, I am going to try to post again. It didn't work the last time.
    Thank you do much for the wonderful bag and the great card. What a lovely surprise. You do some fantastic work girl. The bag turned out so cute. I love the explanation of where the bags came from.

    I like the idea of using the same tpe of handles rathr than using webbing.

    If you decided to make the bags larger that would be easy enough to so. I think that I would then make the straps/handles the length plus and then sew them on. That would give it a lot of strength for larger and heavier items. I called the local newspaper office and found out they give end of the rolls of paper to anyone who asks for them. The at would save on the cost of other paper and or wax paper. It would really be completely green then.
    I just love the bag and that you made it for me. I will treasure it. Have shown it to several people already andplan on using today.
    Thank you again so very very much.
    Big hug,

  6. can you tell I was in a hurry with all those mistakes? Jeez! Sorry about the mess. I love my bag.