Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm SEW excited!

Well, maybe not that excited, but a little! I made Haley & Jenny skirts the other day. I can't remember the last time I bought fabric, so I have nothing new. :( I searched through my stash (which is pretty sad) and found some fabric left from the girls' bedroom. My mom and I had bought duvet covers from IKEA and from those, mom made new patchwork duvet covers, curtains and dust ruffles. Anyway, I decided to use some of this leftover fabric. I used a basic pattern you can find all over online. Just measured around the girls' hips and doubled that for the width, then figured out how long we wanted them. Be sure to add a little extra for seam allowance and hems, etc. This is what I made:

This is Jenny's skirt. I added some eyelet to hers.

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Here is Haley's skirt. I didn't make the elastic in hers tight enough so her skirt is a little big. I decided later to add a tie to it thinking it would go in the back. She liked it better in the front...So did I!

This is another skirt I made Haley. She was wearing some hemmed cutoff shorts that had a hole...I needed to fix that, so I made the shorts into a skirt. The green ruffle on the top isn't really that much bigger than the other two. Now I just need to find her a long shirt to wear with it - To cover up the not so great job I did at the top of the skirt! (This fabric might look familiar. I told you my stash was pretty sad!)


  1. Great job on the skirts! I'm a fabric freak, but I just don't sew anything...too timid! I need to just jump in there and make something. Think I'll try a skirt for my niece! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Monica,
    They are wonderful! You are so talented, girl! I would love to see the girls modeling them! (hint hint...) :o) Love the fabric. Who doesn't adore gingham, roses & eyelet? Be still my ♥.

  3. Super cute! Good job! My kids won't let me make stuff for them anymore....wah!

  4. Monica,
    These are just adorable! Very nice work! I miss making things like this for my Britt.