Thursday, February 4, 2010

C is for COOKIE

Jenny Matlock

It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday and this week we're doing the letter C. For information on Alphabe-Thursday and a list of participants visit Jenny's blog.

Yesterday I joined Joey on a field trip to a Cookie factory. I didn't have a good time on the school bus, but the Cookie factory was lots of fun. And, boy, did it smell delicious!

There goes the Cookie dough. Cool!

Cutting the Cookie dough.

Conveyer belt of Cookies.

Catching the Cookies in a bag...and handing them out to all the Children and their parents. They were still WARM!

After the Cookie factory it was time for lunch at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Casa Bianca. I LOVE Italian lasagna.


  1. I was suck in by the title but alast, no close-up shots of cookies... have a sweet day

  2. Great C post!!! Thanks for sharing! Pop on over and visit me when you have a chance.
    And be sure to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!
    Happy Alphabet Day!
    C is for Coralie

  3. I love cookies. I almost used that but you had a much better story than I would have about cookies.

  4. I bet that smelled heavenly in there, didn't it? I remember taking our kids once to a bread factory - plain old white sandwich smells so amazing.

    A+ for your post
    B- for making me want a cookie, though! ha!

  5. that dough is huge - cool field trip :D

  6. Great post. I remember a field trip to Archway cookies when I was young, it was so much fun and those warm samples at the end - yummy! Thanks for the smile. Kathy

  7. Wow, we never had such fun field trips when my boys were in school. I would have loved something like that. Here in the San Francisco area, we could have gone to a fortune cookie company!

  8. what a perfect day to tour a cookie factory...I could roll in that cookie dough smell....yummmmmm melinda

  9. oh that looks like so much fun! and warm cookies .... nom nom nom ... yummy!

  10. What a fun field trip and lucky was a C for Cookies factory. Perfect timing.