Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's a bird, it's a PLANE....and a tent.

Dad told the kids (the 3 youngest) we'd camp out in the yard Sunday night and they held him to it! As they were setting the tents up they heard a LOUD noise and looked up to find 3 little airplanes just FEET above their heads! I ran out to see what they were all yelling about, then had to go back in and grab the camera. I didn't get many good shots, but here's one so you can see.

They got to roast hot dogs in our backyard fireplace and make Delicious Hot "Shmo's" too. It was a fun night - even sleeping on the inch "thick" mattress - and it was cold out so that made it even better. It's been so hot this summer, this was a nice change! I hear we're going to GET to try this again this weekend! Maybe we'll get the big kids to come out too!

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