Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm feeling CrAfTy!

A friend of mine just had a baby and I wanted to make her something. I decided on a mini album to hold pics and info about her first year. I also covered a tin and filled it with small pieces of paper for her to jot down baby's "Firsts". She can go back later and fill in her baby book if she wants.

I've been wanting to make one of these banners forever and finally got around to it today. It's reversible and says, "Halloween" on one side and "Give Thanks" on the other. Can't decide if I should keep it or give it away?

Here are a couple pictures of my messy craft area too. It's a wide hallway in our basement. There's more to it than this, but I wanted to show my chicken wire bulletin board! It's kind of a mess now cuz I've just been throwing things up on it, but I LOVE it!


  1. Well how stinkin' excited do you think I am that you have a blog?? I am sooooo stinkin' excited, that's what I am!! :)
    Great to look at your crafty little thing you! Love your banner, and your chicken wire board...too cool.
    Off to read some more...:)

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  3. Love it! I wish I were scraptasically talented...

    I love love love the chicken wire message board and may have to steal that idea, but first I'm gonna need you to tell me how you made it.

    Purdy pleeze.....

  4. I thought of Staci and Elizabeth as soon as I saw your chicken wire message board! I love your craft space!!! And the baby book and banner are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  5. Well, since you asked all nice and everything, Staci ;) .......

    It was pretty easy, but I'm sure for you it'll be SUPER easy! We got the chicken wire from a friend of ours - It was leftover from his chicken coop and rolled up in his yard somewhere. It was a bit dirty...but it was FREE! And it was the perfect size! Wood over here is kinda hard to come by. I'm sure you'll have a much easier time finding something.

    We (MIKE!) made two frames the size of the chicken wire with mitered corners and everything! I painted them black, cleaned the chicken wire, then stapled it to the bottom frame. (Made with cheaper, not as nice wood) We nailed the top frame to the bottom to make a chicken wire sandwich and Mike attached eye hooks (I think?) to the back of the frame and we attached it to the wall. Sadly I won't be able to take it with me when I leave here. :( We'll just have to make a NEW one! :)

    I got the idea from a magazine. A lady had a tiny scrap room so she stapled chicken wire to an entire wall so she could hang stuff all over! Since my walls are CEMENT I can't staple, so we went with the frame idea. I'm hoping to find some "S" hooks somewhere so I can hang stuff that way. Right now I'm using clothespins and magnets.

  6. How fabulous and easy! I thought there was something else behind the chicken wire - like a foam board or something and it was gonna get too complicated for me - but I can do chicken wire and wood, no problem.

    I have an old vegetable bin that had Plexiglas panels on the bin doors with these hideous hearts painted on them. I knocked out the panels and stapled chicken wire in their place. Instant Barn Art!

    Thank you!

    Now let me go see what Dean has around here that I can tear up and staple chicken wire to!