Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've decided to join Scavenger Hunt Sunday and post a few picks from the week.  I am NOT a photographer, but I do like taking pictures.  Maybe? this will get me thinking outside the box??  Eventually??  At the very least it will get me posting more often.

{The middle of January and I'm STILL working on putting away Christmas decorations!}



{Bottles & crate recycled as home decor}

People Watching
{Watching people watch my daughter's basketball game.  *Taken with my NOTsmart phone*}


  1. I think your shots are great! I love the "basket" shot. I also think every gym I know of has that same sort of bleachers; I did a double take because it looks exactly like the gym at our church's school. :)

  2. welcome to SHS... what do you mean... you aren't a photographer? oh yes! you are! fabulous pics. love the school or park setting - especially the way the light is fading.

  3. Well my goodness for someone that says they're not a photographer you sure did an awesome job! All of your shots are great! My favorite is recycle....I just love old rustic looking items!

    I am now following your blog and I do so hope you keep doing this because you are good! Happy hunting for next week! :D

  4. Your set is wonderful.
    Park and Recycyle are my favorites.

  5. I love seeing your pics and I totally need a crate like that for my wall!

  6. I think you underestimate your photography skills - these are great.

  7. Love seeing your photos!! I am going to play along....what a great site you've introduced us too! My camera has been laying still too long! Thanks!