Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interlaken, Switzerland

While living in Italy, we were able to visit Switzerland a few times.  We went for a week in July three summers in a row up to Interlaken, Switzerland.

We stopped in the same spot each trip for a snack and a break from driving.

You HAVE to stop for a break from driving when you've been driving on roads like this!

Interlaken is a BEAUTIFUL place.  I would love to go back some day.

For more of the letter I head over to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. I love that you took pictures in the same spot every year. And those roads look crazy dangerous!

  2. Ohhh I love Switzerland!! It's a beautiful place. Stunning photos - thanks for posting!

  3. Great shots. My cows are from Switzerland. Simmental from the Simme Valley. They are the breed with the big bells on their necks. Did you see any while you were there?
    Come visit them here in Vermont, when you have a chance:

  4. Switzerland and Colorado are my favorite places for mountains and snow! Thanks for sharing the lovely views:)

  5. it is so beautiful, up in the Alps. When my family went to Italy this past spring, we decided we had to drive up to Bolzano for a visit, on our way to Venice. Actually, it was my brother who was doing the driving! And I'm glad. I was able to look at all the magnificent scenery, even if it was from the backseat! {:-Deb

  6. stunning scenery! love seeing the passage of time in the heights of your kids.

  7. I love the photos over 3 years - sweet memories for you all.

  8. Oh wow.

    How neat to see the kids getting bigger and the background staying the same!

    Your family is so much fun! I've always admired how you integrate yourself into your new surroundings.

    Thank you for linking.