Thursday, January 3, 2013


We visited Germany a couple times while living in Italy.  I'm finding it hard to choose just a few favorite pictures.  Instead, a video.  One of our favorite things about Germany were the green pastures, the cows...and the sound of their bells.

For more of the letter G, be sure to visit Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. How fun! When we drive from Illinois to Iowa we see lots of cows, but unfortunately we're so far away from them on the road that we can't hear any bells.

  2. the bells are great! I haven't been to Germany yet but would love to go. My sister and her partner go a lot, because they have a gallery and art shows there. They really love it! {:-D

  3. What a glorious sound!

    I really want to go to Germany.

    My nephew has been to many places overseas and always says Germany was his favorite!

    Thanks for a grand link for the letter "G".